Google Home and Philips Hue: a Seamless setup

    October 15, 2020

    Setting up smart lights is easy — but it’s even easier with Google’s Seamless setup for Philips Hue Bluetooth-enabled lights. Whether you’re pairing your new smart lights with your tried-and-true Assistant or setting up your smart home system for the very first time, Seamless setup makes the process a breeze.

    What is Google Seamless setup?


    Seamless setup does exactly what it sounds like: it allows you to set up your Philips Hue Bluetooth-enabled lights quickly and easily using just your smartphone. After you get your Seamless setup-compatible Google Home device ready (check out the list of devices below), you can use your Google Home app to install your smart lights without switching to another app.

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    What Google devices are compatible with Seamless setup?


    To use Seamless setup, you’ll first need a compatible device from Google:


    • Google Home Google Nest Mini (2nd generation)
    • Google Home Mini (1st generation)
    • Google Home Max
    • Google Nest Hub
    • Google Nest Hub Max
    • Google Nest Wi-fi

    Which Philips Hue products are compatible with Seamless setup?


    All Philips Hue Bluetooth-compatible lights and the Hue smart plug work with Seamless setup.

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    What can I do once my lights are set up?


    One of the best parts of having a smart home setup is the convenience it brings to your everyday life. Walking into a room with your hands full? Busy cooking, and the light switch is across the kitchen? Just say the word and your Assistant will control the lights for you — and set them to any settings you’d like.


    Pairing your Google Assistant with your Philips Hue smart lights lets you use simple voice commands to control your lights with only your voice. Just set them up in the Google Home app and say the word to turn lights on or off, brighten or dim the room, or even change the color of your lights.

    Now available in G Store


    Want to get started now? Go to G Store. You’ll not only find all of the compatible Google devices, but a few of our Philips Hue products, too.

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